Hear Meow't: Diamond Rollins

Biggest Female Role Model: Patricia Bright. She is a famous influencer, and she literally teaches people to be themselves, work hard, and live out your dreams! I LOVE HER. 
Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Listening to the Cheetah Girls 2 album while getting dressed. 
Mantra: Live, Love and Grow. 

For a while I would say I used to feel so insecure about my physical appearances and who I was as a person. I would look in the mirror and not feel beautiful; I couldn't see what others saw in me and it turned into me feeling insecure about myself. I used to hate the gap in my teeth, so I tried to hide my smile a lot or if I were to take pictures smiling, showing my teeth was out of the question. I would also feel so different as a person compared to others. I was always a theatrical, bubbly, happy energetic soul and it made me feel weird compared to others.
But through time I began to turn my “flaws” into flawlessness! I told myself I really am beautiful inside and outside and I am going to amazing in this life! I began to model and photographers would begin to say “Can you open your mouth more I ​really want to see your gap” and it became my trademark. My beautiful gap became my biggest asset to me being who I am; unique, different and one of a kind. I soon realized that my personality was like non other, its what sets me apart from anyone else! I LOVE ME.
When I came across Kitty and Vibe one morning, I can honestly say I felt the most positive vibes I had ever felt going to a brands page. The colors were so calming, the models were so happy to be in their bodies whatever the size may be, and the confidence was so beautiful. Kitty and Vibe has made me feel like I can be comfortable in my skin, my body and simply being Diamond!

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