Hear Meow't: Erika Glander

Forgetting to Celebrate

Why is it so hard for us to celebrate? Why do we downplay major milestones on our journey? When did I get in the habit of telling myself "that's great, but it's not enough"?

On the eve of my thirtieth birthday, I found myself asking these questions.

My close friends will be the first to tell you that I am self-deprecating to a fault. I am constantly reminding myself of everything I haven't accomplished - relationship, kids, a better job, paying down debt, tackling my weight - the list is endless.  I am a bully - to myself. To be honest, before this post I honestly had never taken the time to remember how much I have accomplished in ten years. It is incredibly hard for me to celebrate my victories knowing I still have so much to do.

3,652. It equals the number of days between my twentieth and thirtieth birthday.

Day 735 - Graduated College

Day 1463 - Graduated Graduate School

Day 1465 - Started my first full-time job

Day 2002 / 2338 / 3311 - Given the privilege to stand beside my best friends at their weddings

Day 2164 / 2199 / 2219 / 2353 / 2367 / 2479 / 2500 / 2528 - Ran eight half marathons

Day 2693 - Launched my own professional development program

Day 2923 - Took a trip of a lifetime to Spain/Morocco

Day 2970 - Started my Doctoral Degree

Day 3499 - Got a new dream job

Day 3644 - Took another trip of a lifetime, this time to Greece

Day 3651 - Hiked a mountain. Ok, I hiked DOWN a mountain.

Day 3652 - Turned 30

Cheers to the next decade. Don't let 10 years pass you by without celebrating your victories, your milestones, or just plain life.


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