Kitty and What?

“I love bathing suit shopping!” said literally no one ever. The race to grab three different sizes because you never know what will fit you, the anticipation as you wait in line for the fitting room, the cold, potentially unsanitary floors and mirrors you swear enhance your food baby (not that we aren’t proud to flaunt the fries we ate moments ago). The panty liner with an unknown past, the exceptionally unflattering fluorescent lighting and the generic Pandora station that has been playing the same alternative rock song for an hour. Don’t you just love it? No? Well, you’re not alone.“It makes you feel so self-conscious because you put on a size, it doesn’t fit exactly right, then you go up a size and something else is wrong with that fit. You find yourself settling for an uncomfortably fitting swimsuit just so you can leave.”

“There’s not just three types of women. We don’t all fit into a category of small, medium and large.”

“I can’t picture myself in the bathing suits because the models all look the same - same size, color and shape.”

“Some places may have uncomfortable fitting rooms, and other places just might not sell suits that fit my body type and then I leave feeling like shit either about my body or not buying anything.”

Bathing suit shopping: the three dreaded words. Kitty is here to change that.

Say goodbye to cramped fitting rooms and mysterious clothing tags. Ta-ta to diaper-butt and under-boob. I know, you’re sad to part from those lovely experiences, but there is more out there than a malfunctioning pad and rash-inducing seam. 

By now we hope that you are familiar with what makes Kitty’s sizing so unique – we take into account not only a woman’s hip size, but also her inseam, ensuring a puurrfect fit (Yes, we said that). Kitty suits are customized to fit every woman – her body, her style and her vibe. Hence, Kitty and Vibe. 

But what is the “Vibe” part of Kitty and Vibe, really? Is this what inspired 2 Chainz’ hit single “It’s a vibe?” That’s a vibe, she wanna vibe (yeah yeah).  A vibe, defined by Webster as a feeling, vibration, sensation, energy; an emotion communicated to and felt by others. Sort of, yes, you’re getting close. But, the truth is for Kitty, your vibe is what makes you, you. And it’s what makes each Kitty suit so authentic. 

Kitty currently offers three top styles and three bottoms styles to customize your perfect bikini. But the fun part kicks in when you choose the vibe (aka. the print) for your suit. We launched with 3 vibes.  Introducing The James: Romantic, charismatic and poised; a traveler, flower enthusiast and investor of floppy hats. The Ashton: Original, ambitious and fierce; bomber jacket aficionado, exotic latte drinker and lover of a spontaneous tattoo. And the Cameron: Classy, loyal and resilient; indoor plant finatic, lover of adventures with friends and calmed by the sound when the needle hits the record.

That’s a squad stronger than Taylor Swift’s. 

When you choose the vibe for your Kitty suit, you may choose it because it reminds you of your best friend, of yourself, or another female figure you aspire to be. But for whichever reason you choose, it will be a decision made from a place of kindness, and of love. 

Now to continue this flow of positive energy from the moment you purchase your Kitty, we want you to experience the love for the vibe you chose the moment it hits your doorstep.  That’s why, Kitty will enter your bedroom, Spotify playlist prepped and ready for the aux. No more waiting in lines for the fitting room. No more “is everything working okay in there?” “Oh yes everything but, oh no actually nothing is working.” We encourage you to try on a swimsuit in the comfort of your own bedroom where we believe your authenticity and self-confidence have no barriers. Where you can be free of any judgments you may feel from this world or any you may struggle with in your mind. We hope to create a space for you to be yourself. 

We believe, a bathing suit should support the girl wearing it, not just her boobs.

So let’s try this again, “I love bathing sui.. dancing around my room, in my Kitty, in front of my mirror, listening to my very own curated playlist, and feeling…. like me.” 

Let the movement begin. Let’s Vibe.

^ ^ 


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