A Party For EveryBOOTY: Home Edition

At Kitty and Vibe, we have always been and always will be focused on bringing joy, positivity, and most importantly, kindness to our community. I think we need this now more than ever. 

While we live through this new reality and focus on the frontlines, offering tools and compassion daily, it cannot be at the expense of our own mental health.

For me, it’s my anxiety that surges in a time like this. For many, it’s disordered eating, depression, the list goes on.

We’ve all seen the increase in body talk on social media surrounding weight gain and loss during quarantine.

Last week, I spoke to our long-standing philanthropic partner, The Alliance For Eating Disorder Awareness, and they are seeing 3 TIMES the normal volume of people around the country calling in for help. And it's no wonder, this is a lot to handle for anyone, let alone people struggling with mental health issues.

So here's what we're going to do.

We had plans to take our Party for EveryBOOTY event series around the country this summer, but hey, plans change. Now seems like just the time to bring our community together to throw the ultimate Party for EveryBOOTY: Home Edition, making the mission of our party series accessible to everyone.

Over the next few weeks, we ask you to join us by hosting your own virtual, self-love house parties to celebrate being together, while apart, like never before.

In turn, we promise that 10% of sales generated through this campaign will be donated to The Alliance For Eating Disorders Awareness to help their frontline efforts.

Kindness is never cancelled, friends! Sending you infinite love and hope. 


Cameron, Founder of Kitty and Vibe