Founder Story

Before she founded Kitty and Vibe, Cameron Armstrong hated swimsuit shopping Like the majority of women, she avoided the harsh fitting room lighting, inconsistent sizing and self-deprecation at all costs — that is, until she was suitless, her go-to bikini from 10th grade frayed past the point of wear...

She dreaded facing finding the product that stripped away her confidence leaving her literally and figuratively naked under a spotlight.

But the last time she found herself at a department store, changing in and out of suits that were too baggy, too padded, too tight or too itchy and subsequently judging her body, she decided she’d had enough.

“I hated the experience, but moreso, I hated how it made me feel towards my body she says. “I thought, why the hell do we do this to ourselves?”

Turns out, her female friends hadn’t a clue. What they did provide her, however, is overwhelming agreement: the shopping experience, the fit and associated feelings sucked and needed to be reinvented.

With their support, she quit her job and set out to make swimsuit shopping better. Since her little booty had always experienced “diaper butt problems” from saggy suits, her first order of business was tackling sizing. She solicited the help of any woman who offered, and after taking hundreds of measurements, had a massive revelation: suit sizing only accounted for hip size, whereas a woman’s inseam size is just as important.

These two measurements, together, became her secret weapon against saggy or buttcrack-showing suits. And one day, while measuring a woman’s inseam to perfect her sizing guide — literally, as she was grabbing her by the pussy (with consent, of course) — the name “Kitty” came to her.

Her next challenge was tackling the experience.

“A swimsuit is the most vulnerable item of clothing a woman wears in public, so I believe the first time she tries one on should be in her most comfortable and personal space: her bedroom.

Cameron wanted swimsuits to come to life in the form of a personality, a friend. Thus she created a full experience aimed to awaken the self-love in womens’ hearts through the power of music and positive thinking.

Every Kitty suit has a vibe, and is delivered to the dance floor of your bedroom with a curated playlist. You are instructed to listen to the playlist and tell yourself one positive thing about the way you look prior to trying on your kitty.

To highlight the synergy of a better fit plus a better experience, she named her company, Kitty and Vibe.

Put simply, if a suit actually fits a woman well, she’ll look good and feel good. And Cameron’s opinion is that the latter — feelings of self-love, confidence and kindness — is the most valuable asset women have. Furthermore, it’s an asset that has the power to radiate from woman to woman.

Cameron believes kindness is contagious, but only if it’s a personal choice. Remembering her own feelings of shame and negativity caused by being bullied, witnessing the mistreatment of her handicapped brother and, of course, hating swimsuit shopping, she’ll be the first to admit this choice isn’t always easy.

But because she also believes in the power of kindness, how it affects others and can contribute to a more loving world, she insists it’s the only way. And through Kitty and Vibe, she hopes to summon and support kindness within all women.

“Kind Is My Vibe” is Kitty’s mantra. Let it be yours.