Megan Phillips Collection

Our Founder, Cameron, met Megan at the Hester Street Fair this summer. Cameron was immediately drawn to Megan's bold and bright T-shirts that exuded positivity from across the park. The voice of the Megan Phillips Collection so effortlessly sounded like a sister of Kitty. A feminine, flirty sister - a little bit glamorous (like The James Vibe), a little bit rock and roll (like the Ashton Vibe), a little bit grown up (like the Cameron vibe), and a little bit edgy (like the Cleo vibe). Talk about a match made in heaven! 
We are so pleased to welcome MPC as the first brand to be a part of the Kitty Collective - a marketplace of curated items to go along with your Kitty. All created by female founders and artists whose vibe is kind.