For the Love of Butts. 

How does it work?

After being fed up with bikini bottoms that were always too saggy or too skimpy, we threw out traditional sizing that only considered your hips. Instead, we created a sizing metric that takes your hips AND butt into account, for your best fit yet. 

Our Founder

Our founder, Cameron, has always struggled with swimwear. She was born with a tiny booty *which alas* no amount of squats can cure, and results in the constant sagging of her bikini bottom. After she wore one swimsuit that did fit to rags, she spent a frustrating hour crying in a department store mirror in an attempt to find a new one. That day she realized there had to be a better way: that’s when Kitty and Vibe was born.


*It's a Vibe*

Each season we curate a mix of custom prints, decided upon by our community, and pair them with mood-boosting playlists to listen to and enjoy while you try on in the comfort of your own home -- and mirror.