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Our daily reminder to be kind to yourself, your body, and others.

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World Kindness Day, 11/13

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Download and print our Take What You Need Flyers, cut along the dotted lines, and post somewhere in your community!


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Why We Choose Kindness

I have seen how simple acts of kindness can change my day for the better as a disabled person personally and I would love to extend that make people smile even if it's just one day. Every day is an opportunity to be kind and make someone's day happier!

Lindsey, California

Taking an extra moment throughout the day to compliment someone or reach out to someone we know is struggling has the power to completely turn things around. Kind is my vibe because choosing kindness costs nothing, but can mean everything.

Veronica, Michigan

The Kind Is My Vibe mission resonates with me. I can feel (energy-wise) and see that so many people are going through a rough time right now and could use a ray of sunshine or hope, or just to be seen.

Crystal, Georgia