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Our best selling vibe is restocked

Designed with your booty in mind.

We’re a new swimwear brand that offers two butt sizes for every hip size. Find the Kitty style that works best for your body type and choose it in your favorite vibe.

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Why Women are Loving The Kitty Size

These bottoms are so comfortable and will CHANGE the way you feel about swimsuit bottoms (actually they will probably change your life)! 

St Clair, Kitty Size XL2

I have an odd body type where I have narrow hips but a really perky booty and I ordered the M2 and they fit so so well! One of the best swimsuits I've ever worn! 

Maddie, Kitty Size M2

“The biggest difference in these bottoms is they are truly the perfect size. They cover my butt without giving me the diaper effect.”

Magee, 2XL2

Finally a swimsuit that doesn't give me diaper butt. I wear a 26 jeans and have a pretty flat butt so the S1 fits me perfectly. 

Miranda, Kitty Size S1