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From Betches: My Official Petition To Make It Tankini Girl Summer

From Betches: My Official Petition To Make It Tankini Girl Summer

If you’re currently on the east coast, or really anywhere that actually experiences seasons…my condolences. The weather has been so shitty that I’ve literally wanted to go back into hibernation effective immediately. The only thing that’s really pulling me through though is the thought of future sunshine, the smell of SPF, maybe a fruity ‘lil drink or two, and the fact that cute tankini bathing suits are having a moment (bless!). The latter being largely in part due to Daniela Meyler’s TikTok video about summer plans going viral.

I’m quickly learning, though, that this is actually a hot take?? The girlies on TikTok are quickly screaming at their FYP, “no thank you!!!” to the tankini summer trend — which to me is actually kind of surprising. Tankinis are all about finding a 2024 bathing suit with coverage in the right places not about being covered up. Let’s not forget that to get a beach body, you literally just need…a body.

But, IMO, tankinis give that sense of nostalgia of when you wore them as a kid. Plus, that “easy-breezy” vibe of not having to worry about getting butt-ass naked when going to the bathroom if you’re wearing a one piece. There are also a ton of different variations that have definitely been upgraded from the early 2000’s style you’re probably grimacing at. And on that note, I’ll officially say, “challenge accepted” to helping you find one you could *actually* see yourself wearing.  Here’s a list of all the best bathing suits for #tankinisummer.

Read the full article on Betches.

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